Solar Panel Cleaning System Installation

What is Solar Sprinkler Cleaning system ?

Solar Panel Sprinkler/ Irrigation System is a unique Combination for Automation of Sprinklers, Pipes & Pumps, for cleaning and washing solar panels to ensures optimal efficiency and energy production.

A unique system for cleaning and washing solar panels, using the Modular micro sprinkler – ensures optimal efficiency and energy production.

Benefits, Features and Specifications

  • Increases electricity generation: enables the system to keep producing more efficiently.
  • Saves money: no need to hire any cleaning services.
  • Saves labour: manual cleaning of the panels becomes obsolete.
  • Saves time: no time invested in maintaining and cleaning the system.
  • Safety: eliminates the need for elevated handling and cleaning risks.
  • Unique adjustable Spark unit that fits most panels in the market.
  • We’ll aligned micro- sprinklers on the panels for optimal cleaning.
  • Uniform cleaning of the panel.
  • All components are modular and easy to assemble without a need for special tools.
  • Easy, user-friendly assembling and dismantling of the unit on the panel.
  • Non-rotating parts for long life span even under tough conditions, such as high temperatures, wind and dust.