INDUSTRY DOCTORZ are Contractors for Various Types of Projects in India…

  • Staircase Pressurization System Installation
  • Lift Pressurization System Installation
  • HVAC Installation & Maintenance Services
  • Thermal Hot & Cold Insulation Installation
  • Commercial Electrical Wiring Installation
  • DG Installation & Exhaust Piping
  • Solar Plant Installation Services
  • Solar Plant Maintenance Services
  • Solar Plant Cleaning Services
  • Roof & Basement Ventilation
  • Industrial RO Plant Installation
  • Facility Management Services


INDUSTRY DOCTORZ has improved performance for the world’s most classy¬†manufacturing companies. One of the company that delivers a unique combination of industrial operation & maintenance, equipment services, technical outsourcing and innovative IT solutions.

A Lift pressurization system consists of three main components: Supply Air (where air is injected into the area that is to be protected), Pressure Relief (to avoid over-pressure when doors are closed) and Air Release (air and smoke is released from the adjoining fire area). Combining these elements creates a positive pressure difference which prevents Lift-well from filling up with smoke.

It is very important to clean your solar panels. Dirt on the solar panels prevents the entry of light. Moreover, solar panels are made to work by allowing light enters the solar cells. Bird poop, dust or pollen prevent the light from reaching the solar cells which eventually leads to less energy production.