Building Parking/ Basement Ventilation System Installation & Services

Ventilation System

INDUSTRY DOCTORZ has wide range of smoke ventilation systems available – from simple natural systems to more complex but efficient mechanical systems – it may seem difficult at first to identify which is the right fit for your project.
The type of smoke venting system that you require is determined by several factors, however the purpose of a well-designed smoke ventilation system is always the same; protecting escape routes such as corridors and staircases to allow occupants to escape while providing access for the fire service.
If your fans is showing signs of wear, corrosion, abrasion or unbalance, INDUSTRY DOCTORZ can help. INDUSTRY DOCTORZ provides on-site service, maintenance, testing and repair for all industrial air moving equipment, regardless of its manufacturer. Repair and rebuild services are also available for any fan shipped to one of its conveniently located manufacturing facilities. Whatever the difficulty, INDUSTRY DOCTORZ will have you up and running in no time.

Basement Ventilation Service
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